Technology | Twoblock Ai Specialized in deep language model and conversational Ai technology

Robust Documents Analytics

From analyzing business documents to summarizing

We can accelate corporate digital transformation by extracting,storing and summarizing
information from tables, images of multiple documents based on business rules. (ESG policy)
Customer can create synergy by combining TBAI solutions with legacy-chatbots.

Deep NLP technology based on Language Model

In-depth language model-based services such as HanBERT, HanBART, HanGPT, etc.

We have core NLP technology(solutions) which have been qualified in National competitions and various NLP tasks.
we can impement the features which customer requested with speed and accuracy based on our Core solutions.

Full Stack Deep NLP Solution ButterBlockTM

Full Stack Solution | From Classic NLP to Deep NLP

We have Full Stack Deep NLP solution ButterBlock, machine reading, POS-Tagger, NER(Named Entity Recognizer),
sentiment analysis and document summary module. We have been awarded 1st and 2nd place for three consecutive years from 2019, 2020,
and 2021 in the domestic artificial intelligence contest hosted by the Ministry of Science and ICT which is a proven model made with technology.

Conversational AI BOT Platform ChocolatBlockTM

Understands people ai, connects people ai, chatbot substitute for people

It is a non-face-to-face interactive service platform that implements services necessary for daily life
in an interactive interface through ChatBot which can communicate with people. It is possible to create an interactive service in which people,
people, and chatbots coexist by acting on behalf of peoples through a chatbot that understands speech, relaying transactions or processes by understanding documents and procedures, and matching people to perform tasks that users want.