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2021년 9월 벤처기업인증

08, 2021 Selected as support for commercialization of attached document summary system using deep language model
(commercialization subsidy of KRW 300 million)
07,2021 Selected as an excellent company in the field of natural language processing (legal document summary) in artificial intelligence online contest
07,2021 Selected as SBA artificial intelligence (AI) technology commercialization support project (commercialization support KRW 200 million)
05,2021 The company-affiliated research center was moved to the V Tower near Yangjae Station.
04,2021 Selected as a Seoul-type New Deal Job AI Learning Data Construction Business [Article]
04,2021 (Ai voucher) Selected as a supplier of EduBERT and application task in the education field
04,2021 (Ai Voucher) Selected as a supplier of HanBERT and information extraction solution (WideXtract) for AI-OCR
01,2021 Development of reading difficulty index model based on Daekyo and HanBERT

12, 2020 CouCou Bot Android App Released [Article] [Homepage] [Download]
12, 2020 Established company-affiliated research institute
09,2020 (Ai Voucher) Supplied KorLawBERT and HanBERT to legal and security fields
08,2020 Selected as Ai Voucher Supplier
07,2020 Selected as support for commercialization of a system that extracts information from scanned documents
(commercialization subsidy: 160 million won)
06,2020 Selected as an excellent company in the field of machine reading and character recognition in the artificial intelligence online contest
04,2020 Moved into AI Yangjae Hub
04,2020 HanBERT released

11,2019 Secured 4.0 Start-up Guarantee from Korea Credit Guarantee Fund (guarantee amount: KRW 400 million)
09,2019 Development of deep language model and selection of interactive Ai commercialization support serving as patent information expert
(commercialization support of 160 million won)
08,2019 Selected as an excellent company in the field of machine reading in the artificial intelligence open competition
07,2019 Established : Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do

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Deep Learning NLP Technology – Korean BERT & GPT-2 Consulting
Providing Machine Reading Technology for RPAi

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