We are waiting for colleagues who will create a convenient world created by Ai who understands words.

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Intelligent chatbot Development, Development leader

Develop scenarios and dialog logic for the chatbot to perform the role. According to the given role, the working procedure of the chatbot,
and the intention of the user we develop future-oriented chatbot services such as dynamic response, matchmaking with multiple users or content,
and scenario execution of chatbots that perform procedural tasks. Try the opportunity to directly experience the connection between
artificial intelligence and business automation through the experience of applying
the latest Deep NLP technology to real work.

| Basic Qualifications |
5+ years development experience, Bachelor’s degree of Computer science, Python development experience required,

| Preferred Qualifications |
search engine/solution experience

Mobile Services Server Side Development, Leader

Develop the server side of a large-scale chatbot service. Initial design and development are currently in progress.
You should actively utilize the cloud service in the future.
We develop and integrate a server with various functions for chatbot and users to talk and the parts necessary for their connection.
User Profile, Conversation Scenario, NLP Server, etc challenge to develop organic services in which various service components collaborate.

| Basic Qualifications |
5+ years development experience, Bachelor’s degree of Computer science, experience in mobile service backend development

| Preferred Qualifications |
experience in large-scale service

Deep NLP Development, Development Leader and Developer

Must be able to understand and utilize both Classical NLP and Deep NLP techniques.
HanBERT model improvement, corpus refinement, transformation into deep learning training data, etc.
Using Classical NLP technology, we can connect artificial intelligence and work automation through
the experience of configuring learning data for Deep Learning NLP and applying the HanBERT model to work,
take the opportunity to experience it for yourself.

| Basic Qualifications |
Master’s degree of Computer science

| Preferred Qualifications |
NLP major, Search Portal experience

Chatbot Programmer

Develop scenarios for chatbots that play various roles.
Without using a chatbot builder, we develop a chatbot with a high degree of freedom through direct coding.
You will have the opportunity to actually meet users and run the services they perform.

| Basic Qualifications |
1+ years development experience in Python, Bachelor’s degree of Computer

| Preferred Qualifications |
experience in mobile service

Mobile planning and service operation

You will have the opportunity to operate a chatbot-based intermediary chat service where the chatbot finds
and connects to the person who suits your needs. A good development team is behind it, and a smart chatbot is being prepared.
We are looking for someone with experience in conducting business through mobile apps.
You must have the overall authority to decide and perform the service.

Internship Post Doc – Deep NLP Studies

For graduate students majoring in NLP and those who have now obtained a Ph.D.
We are waiting for the contact of those who are interested in temporary jobs.
Try various kinds of practical work to determine the direction of future research.

| Qualifications |
Master's degree in computer science or higher

(Those who are only simply interested in natural language processing are rejected)