Deep NLP & Conversational Ai

TwoBlock AI aims to build AI who understand people’s natures which include emotion, personality,
tastes and situation and to chat with people.
We will build the human-centered and convient world by providing various A.I BOTs,
who focus on human and have curiosity on human,
work simple work for employees.

A better world created by conversational AI
Curiosity on human changes the world.

Deep NLP

TwoBlock AI has own large-volume corpus, and Morphological analyser and Korean Deep NLP model, HanBERT and HanGPT-2 which are qualified in market. We can provide customermized model for various NLP/NLG requirements of customers with speed and high quality. We have a proven ability to develop models quickly and accurately with serviceable performance.
We directly sell the license of learned Korean language model.

Conversational Ai – TBAi ChocolatBlock

We develop conversational Ai Bot Agents based on superior NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology.
Through this, we are preparing for the era of one-person, one-bot, which takes the place of one's to-dos and roles in all aspects of daily life. By applying the Conversational AI to various services, we will open an era of time when machines understand people.